Sunday, 22 July 2012

A Day in the Life of Saffy

Day in the life of Saffy
10.40am Wake up. It’s a Saturday, and the first day of the summer holidays which means that I can have a nice long lie in. None of the owners need to be anywhere early, so they’re happy to just leave me to snooze. When do I get up, I head straight out into the garden. Appropriately for the first day of summer holidays, then sun is out- perfect for sunbathing! I settle myself on the nice warm patio.

 10.45am Whilst I’m soaking up the rays, Jenny is making my breakfast. I sometimes have a little trouble controlling my bladder when I get really relaxed and sleepy, so every morning I take a drop of medicine with my food. Actually- I don’t even notice it’s in there!

11.00am I play fetch with Jenny and Alice (that’s Jenny’s sister by the way!) I’m getting really good at it now- I can catch the ball when it bounces, and I have learned to drop the ball for them so they can throw it again. I play for a little while, until I start to get too hot.
11.15am I get to meet the dog from next door. The past couple of days I’ve spotted a pretty Weinmaraner in the next garden, but despite all my barking at the window, she hasn’t taken any notice! But then the neighbour came round today to introduce us- turns out they’re looking after her for a short while. She’s 9 months old and seems nice and friendly, so now maybe I can stop barking at her.

11.25am Time for a quick nap in the pool of sunshine on Jenny’s bed. I like to sleep here in the day because it’s always warm by the window in summer, and by the radiator in winter.

12.00pm Walkies! I get into the car (which always means it’s going to be an extra good walkies) and we go to the local lido which is like a big lake for me to swim in. To get to the bit where dogs are allowed, we have to go through a field with long grass in the middle. Jenny and Alice went round one way, and mummy went the other. I tried to run between them, but got a bit lost in the middle- the grass was way over my head. I had to jump right off my feet to find them all again! Then we got to the lido and I ran straight in. For some reason, my owners don’t trust me not to swim out too far (I wouldn’t!) so I swim on my extendable lead. I chase after sticks in the water and even stick my head right under. There are some bigger dogs here who keep getting too close to the swans, so I bark to warn them to keep away from those nasty birds! Then a little dog comes over who doesn’t want to swim at all- she keeps running away from the edge, too scared to get her hair wet I think. I try to show her how good it is to run in and out of the nice cool water, but she’s having none of it. I want to swim all day, but my owners make me leave, even though I bark and whine in protest. Then I settle back down in the car to go home.

4.00pm After sleeping for a few hours, it’s time for my ‘Garden Security Shift’. I’ve taken it upon myself to keep the garden free from birds, squirrels and cats by patrolling the hedges, barking loudly and chasing any intruders. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

4.20pm Back to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

6.00pm My owners go out for dinner, leaving me to entertain myself. I like to keep them a bit on edge by pretending that I do crazy things like run around, and break stuff but to be honest that all just takes too much energy. I make the most of the peace and quiet for a good sleep.

8.15pm Quick check on the garden again from an upstairs window. Nothing to report, all looks very quiet out there. 

9.00pm Last time out in the garden for the day

9.30pm Settled down for the night on the comfiest bed I can find. Tonight that's at the end of mummy's bed.

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  1. This looks like a perfect day to us!
    Bella and DiDi