Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Big Sticks

Firstly, sorry that there hasn't been a post for a long time. I got a bit distracted watching the Olympics and then haven't had time to get back into the blog!

Anyway, on with the post.
I've just returned from taking Saffy to the park where she found a nice, big stick. In fact, she liked it so much that she decided she had to bring it home.
So there we are, walking out the park- me, a little dog and a giant stick. At the gates, a lady came through on a bike, looked at Saffy and laughed. It wasn't just me who thought my dog looked ridiculous!
Then our route home goes alongside a busy road. (Fortunately we didn't have to cross it. When we do, I don't let Saffy carry things home because she has a habit of dropping them and trying to stop and pick them up.) There were certainly a few cars with people slowing down to point at Saffy. We also passed by some pedestrians. Luckily all the pavements here are quite wide, so Saffy didn't bash into anyone with her stick.
I was actually suprised that she kept hold of it all the way home. It's only a five minute walk, but usually she forgets to keep whatever she's carrying in her mouth. I had to bring it through the front door for her because it's wider than the doorframe!

So because it made so many people smile this morning, I decided to search through my photos albums and pick out a few more of my little dog with big sticks to share with you all :)

Today's stick- twice the length of her, maybe?!

Seems it was worth bringing home though

Trying to bring it back inside!
This was last year- almost a tree! (Somehow she got this one inside)

More of a branch than a stick.
This one didn't get out of the woods though luckily- I think she got too tired!

Oh, and I've set up a youtube account so I can have videos now, too! Click the link to watch me try and get through the door with my stick

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